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'Cause... Are you as annoyed by the original as I am?
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Last Sunday, I commented, after reading the TV Tropes article "Applied Phlebotinum," that it inspired the title of a silly comic strip.

Well, this is what I think the title image/characters would look like:
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Okay. So those who've known me for a while, know that I am a proud supporter of Team!Monster.

A recap for those who are new here: )

Anyway, I love drawing monsters, and coming up with new combinations of creature features that surprise and amuse me. And when [ profile] naarmamo rolls around, I let myself go to town.

This year, as I was drawing this creature:
I started out thinking I was drawing a monster version of a bird, because I was giving it one hind leg, instead of two, and giving it two more "legs," in a 'wrong' place, instead of wings.

But as I continued, I started thinking about how an animal might have evolved to have a single hind leg, and what sort of tail it would need to jump efficiently. I therefore, now, think of this being as an alien creature -- something that fits well somewhere in its native world (however, it seems to be carrying Earth!flowers, so maybe whether you're a "monster" or not depends on context).*

And then, I drew this one:
At first, I thought I was drawing an alien being, with a body structured like a sort of muscular amoeba, that can extend "limbs" and appendages at will... But as I continued, I couldn't figure out how its permanent, bony horns and teeth fit within its usual biology... So now, I'm thinking of this creature as a monster -- who would be a monster within its own world, as well.

And then I got to thinking: could there be a culture, human or otherwise, with no idea of, or need for "Monstrousness"? Could there be an alien way of thinking, that was not built around constructed, distinct, categories of things?

In any case, I think main the reason I'm proud to be on Team!Monster is that those of us who don't fit well within existing systems are in unique positions to fix what's broken about them -- or not, depending on spoons. But regardless, I think a world without monsters must be incredibly dull and lifeless...

*And isn't it ironic that I am now trying to categorize the uncategorizable?
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This is a doodle-monster -- a creature I made up as I went along (or rather, which I started to make up after my planned beak turned out looking like a human nose). I realized I didn't leave room for a tail... and then realized some cats are bob-tails... So there you go...

At first, I wanted to avoid drawing a flower for it to look at, because flowers are too twee. But then I decided to "embrace the twee"*. I can't decide if it's a tiny monster, or humongous flower.

*does that make me a twee-hugger?

...I'll get my coat...
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Anyway, so at the end of July: I made a list of Na'Arts I wanted to make in the month of August. The very first thing I wrote for that list was:

A hand-drawn sketch of my own, bare, feet (they are the part of my body I am least comfortable with, and I want to get more comfortable with them) Problem: Getting a way so I can actually see them while in a position to draw them...

So this post is ALL the THOUGHTS and FEELS about that, that I just didn't have the energy to post on the day I did the picture:

cut for those who are disturbed by images of feet (500 x 402 pixels) )

Okay, so it's one foot, instead of both feet... 'Cause ... Do you know how hard it is to get a clear view of your own feet when you're holding a clipboard in your lap?! Ahem. Anyway, yes...

I'm not sure if it's clear from this perspective, but my feet are "clenched" -- my instep is almost hemispherical, with my toes curled under; if the bones of my feet had the same range of motion as the bones in my hands, my feet would be clenched fists. The angle between my foot and lower leg is actually less than 90 degrees. Here - this picture, illustrating the full, normal, range of motion for the human foot shows what I mean: my feet are stuck in the full UP position -- if someone pulled really hard, they might be able to get my feet to budge down a millimeter, but not without me swearing bloody murder at them, 'cause OW. That dark line I drew around the top of my instep is no exaggeration -- it really is deep crease where the sun (or the library chandelier) don't shine.

I used to be more self-conscious over my feet's weird crooks and creases. But that's no longer the main reason I'm ambivalent toward them now. (As my friends know, I'm perfectly willing to be weird). And I'm even cool about their spasticity and its discomfort most of the time.

'It's just that...' -- Cut for your scrolling pleasure )

The thing that I love about drawing from life, by hand, is that in order to do it well, you have to slow down, and really look carefully at the thing (or part of yourself) that's in front of your eyes -- not your memories of it, or prejudices about it -- but what's really, actually there in the present moment (Which is why drawing from life is better than drawing from a photograph). So I'll probably do another foot picture or three. I'd love to get in front of a full-length mirror, so I can draw the whole of me, either nude or not (my feet are almost always nude, except in public). But I don't have such a mirror, yet.

This was going to be a much longer post... but writing this (with breaks for dinner and snack) has taken me five hours. So there may or may not be a part 2...

Oh, and here are the other things on the list, with links where applicable: )
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Quick post, because it's nearly ten pm and I've not eaten dinner, yet...

::Sniff:: Last na'art before tomorrow's "Winner's Certificate." This is my second attempt at my "Long-neck Monster" from the other day... not quite sure he's ready to join Round Bird Monster as a candidate for a tee-shirt or tote, but he's getting closer...

longneck monster 2
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My annual self-assessment (fuzzily... never exactly the same day each year, but always in August, since this began); drawing your portrait by hand captures your mood as well as your likeness (again, on the latter, fuzzily).

But one of these days, I'll go for the middle ground, and draw from a photo -- that way, I can experiment with different lighting and angle than the same pose in the same bathroom mirror, every year (and can go away to sharpen my pencil without having to wonder if I've changed my pose mid drawing -- epic Pencil! fail this year...)

self portrait 2012

One interesting thing about the process of drawing this (interesting to me, anyway): my mind registered the shadows (and focused/bent light) cast by my glasses long before I "saw" the glasses themselves...

You know, I think I've hit almost all my arty goals, this month -- except I haven't written a geek pride song, yet, and I haven't done three-d art yet...
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Good Green Apples! took me forever to get motivated for na'arting, today... Couldn't settle on what I was in the mood for drawing... after trying about four different ideas, finally decided to draw a "Seriously rendered" but "Cartoon" creature:

round bird monster nart

Question: would you wear a shirt with this figure on it? With a slogan/motto? Without one?
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I'm pleased with this... though I think if I start talking about why, I will be here for all the hours, using all the words, about all the feels... And my tummy is rumbling, and I haven't had maybe I'll come back after I've eaten.

A different sort of self portrait (a usual one will likely be forthcoming, too, but in the meantime):

Following [personal profile] spiralsheep's lead, because some people don't like looking at feet, here's a link to the Flick'r page, instead of a thumbnail (ha, idiom is funny, in context): My left foot

Now I know why I was on that shading kick spree this week...
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Because I completely missed Na'arting on two days (9 and 10), but only doubled up on one, I've doubled up, today. Now, I'm caught up:

This one did not quite work as a "checkerboard," so I quit while I was ahead:
spiral doodle

This was going to be a scribble monster, but when I went to fill in the details, my brain switched to seeing three-d forms, instead (I think, because, as a face, it was scowling, and my brain did not want that:
Three forms
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Cross-posted from the Na'Ar'Ma'Mo Community, again:

Same monster as yesterday -- what it's like when it's on the move. I fear it's one of those poor, tragic, creatures doomed to be "cute when angry"...

Little Rolly Monster 2
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[Cross-posted from my reply in [ profile] naarmamo]:

Today, I was in the mood for some soft, pencil-smudge drawing. ... But I couldn't decide if I wanted to draw a simple geometric shape, or a monster. So, I... um... did both:

Little Rolly Monster

I called it "Little Rolly Monster," but really, I suspect that it moves more like an amoeba -- but more rubbery, and less watery (if that makes sense).

This picture was altered by clicking "Auto enhance" in my photo editing program...

Additional notes, not included in the community post:

1) When traveling, this creature may also sprout (extend) a pair of slightly pointed ears -- like a husky pup's.

2) I should warn you that that mouth is full of fangs and sharp teeth...

3) This is an icon waiting to happen, isn't it?
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I'm particularly pleased with this...

[cross-posted from the community]
Anyway, I wrote another tune today -- an actual, recognized musical form: a hornpipe (I had a midi of a tune I knew was a hornpipe, and copied all the lengths of each notes as I put them in the score...)

I put it up as an unlisted video on YouTube (so you can only find it through this link), so you can hear what it sounds like:

And I also made an image of the score (and stuck a pencil sketch I'd already done on the bottom, to make it more interesting):

hornpipe score

PS: and here's a video of a woman playing the tune I copied (rhythm-wise) on the fiddle:
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Had to get up extra early (for me) and go out and buy a new refrigerator/freezer, today... After driving home from the Mall in August heat and traffic, you get an icon description of my Na'artitude (Text: The Muse is Willing But the Brain is Mush):

The fonts are Maiandra GD (16 pt) and Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed (various sizes).

Snaggable with credit...


Aug. 9th, 2012 12:32 am
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1) had a dream, this morning, that was quirky enough that I've remembered bits of it all day:

Four quirky details )

"she hath often dreamed of unhappiness and waked herself with laughing" --Much Ado About Nothing (a snippet of party banter from Act Two)

2) GIP! the icon with this post is my work for Na'ar'ma'mo; I kept it short, because I wanted to devote time to polishing up the video I made for day 6.

3) More polished version is here ("unlisted," so you can only get to it through a posted link, like this one): I'm much happier with it (and I learned how to make the midi tune fade in and out, in NoteWorthy Composer -- rather than just abruptly starting and stopping. \o/ but I'm still shy of posting it as a reply to Doodling in Math Class: Squiggle Inception because she has such a big audience, the most vocal of which are guys commenting on how they want to F* her, and about her voice... And I'm not sure I want to open myself up to that... On the other hand: her one throw away line in that video did inspire me with several Na'art ideas. And I do kind of want to let her know... So -- I'll sleep on it.

really! falling asleep, now... better go to bed...
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[Cross-posted from my community reply]:

Last week-ish, I made a new icon for my DreamWidth journal, that read: "If you want to be a Hero, be good to the Storyteller."

Today, after going a bit crazy with yesterday's Na'Art, I thought I'd "take it easy," and simply adapt that design into a tee-shirt for my Zazzle store (Chimer(i)gons):

What I forgot is: that it had been so long since I'd done anything with my store, that they changed everything around on how you post anything for sale... so I had to relearn their whole system.

So much for "Taking it easy!" (ha). The good news is: they're having a back-to-school sale (today's the last day), so I bought this shirt and another, and got a discount.. which is good, 'cause I need some more long sleeved shirts that don't have holes in them...`
[end of cross-post]

It's now after ten pm, and I've yet to have dinner. I should rectify that...
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This is a further exploration of an idea that I played with last year: "Make Room for Monsters!" A fuller description of the image is up at the flick'r page:

monster-squiggle hatchery

(this is what I left out of today's posting in [ profile] naarmamo:

Honestly? I'm really working on a big, multiple day project (which is kinda-sorta against the rules -- Shh! Don't tell anyone) but it's a project that I just don't have the spoons to work on in one session without sleep-waking cycles to break it up. So I've figured out different parts of the whole that could exist on their own, if they wanted, and posting each part as it's own na'art...

So... yeah...
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Testing a tee-shirt design for an idea that came to me, today.

I'd make many changes -- most notably to the monster, and the teddy -- maybe have the monster centered, facing the viewer, grinning, with the teddy bear already in it's mouth -- still grinning blankly. Also, might make monster snake-like???


Might also "Cross out" the "love"
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[Cross-posted from [ profile] naarmamo]:

Today, I took a picture of a monster that I drew last month:

long bird monster

And used it to make a new, over-the-top, cheerful, desktop theme for myself:


[End of Cross-post]

I'm really pleased at how the program icons fit between ze's hands. Though I wonder how long it will be before it becomes too cheerful.

And now, you know what programs I keep most easily to hand -- the clearest picture of my life's priorities!
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hooray! We are underway! A loose doodle of a little bit of everything,
to get myself warmed up...

under a cut for bigness* )

*Not sure, yet, how to put posted images under a cut, via DreamWidth's new email picture-posting, which will eventually become their own version of a scrapbook... so I will edit as soon after posting as I can...

Also, just realized I have to make this public, if I want folks in [ profile] naarmamo to be able to see it...

ETA (cross-posted from my comment on [ profile] naarmamo): Okay, I can see the picture in both my journal and here, but others are telling me they cannot. I could see it immediately on Google Chrome, but I could not see it in either place on AOL (Internet Explorer) -- until I logged into my LiveJournal account, on AOL. Which just strikes me as strange.

In the meantime, I'll use Flick'r... give me a moment...

Okay, here it is on Flick'r: Can you see this?

Na'Art #1


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