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(Consider this journal entry properly bedecked).

This "Christmas season" is hard on everyone -- even those who enjoy & celebrate it can find it exhausting. And for those of us who don't -- or can't -- celebrate it (for whatever reason) it can be especially isolating -- particularly for those of us whose primary social connections happen through these here Interwebs.


I'm posting this entry as an open discussion/chat thread, so that we have a place to chat and commune through the comment threads.

Come sip a warm (or cool, depending on your season) spiced beverage of your choosing, and grab a plate full of virtual goodies.

I'll be checking back in frequently over the next 72 hours or so.

Welcome! Welcome!

Edited to add:

I also can't forget (or, rather, I can, but should not) that today is also the first day of Hanukkah. So have a video that [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith posted a couple of years ago:

Because I also know many are over saturated with Christmas songs, by now...
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In the early 16th Century, "Geek" meant "village idiot."
In the early 20th Century, "Geek" meant "actor in a carnival side show."
In the late 20th Century,* "Geek" meant "a person mocked for their weird enthusiasms (as if they were an attraction in a carnival side show)."
In the early 21st Century, "Geek' meant "a person proud of their enthusiasm for esoteric fields, not caring if they are mocked."

This is why I love being in the company of geeks. Their enthusiasm is contagious, even when I don't share enthusiasm for their particular favorite thing. Here's a video of a mathematician who is a Klein Bottle geek. I bet you'll be grinning by the end of it. I bet you!

*first noted in popular culture in the movie "The Breakfast Club"
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Sometimes being in a wheelchair has a side benefit, if there's a hill, or a ramp anywhere in sight, you've got a toy under your butt!

From here:
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It's called "Robot Hugs". The art is simple, but not "simplistic," and the cast is truly diverse. The writer is genderqueer, and they use that perspective (along with other aspects of their identity) to talk about serious topics like Privilege (uses the F* word, just so you know). But also fluffy, silly, stuff, like this one (also: cats).
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So, I was sitting here, trying to polish commentary on the history of Disabled American Veterans, and how the medical model of disability was systematically designed to quell dissent in the aftermath of WW 1, and thinking:

"Damn! I need to watch something Ab-So-Lute-Ly SILLY, right now!"

And I figure I'm not alone. ... So I went to YouTube, searching for this:

And lo! I found there were more \o/

And yes, they helped. I hope they cheer you up, too (even the already-happy could use cheering).
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I've spelled out my "Pro-Fun" philosophy, and integrated into the image.

I'm trying to answer the question: "Why identify as a 'troll' at all -- why not just come up with a new term?" The word has such a negative connotation, it seems irredeemable.

But, for some reason, this is important to me. Maybe because, in spite of its current negativity, the word "troll" also has undeniable power. Or maybe it's because I'm a fan of obscure folk tales, and there's more to trolls than "Billy Goats Gruff."

Here's the text (For those who can't see graphics) )
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Prompted by a question from someone in my circle, who asked what's good to watch when you need cheering up, it only took a moment's thought to come up with Buckaroo Banzai (came out the summer of 1984 -- this is its 30th anniversary! \o/ Woot!). Which, sadly, I haven't actually watched in ages. So I did a YouTube hunt, and found the trailer.

Turns out, I'd never actually seen the trailer (Mother suggested we go see the movie based on a newspaper ad). Note to Hollywood promotional people: This is the right way to make a trailer -- it totally conveys the tone, it's catchy and sticks in your head, introduces the faces of all the characters, and it teases the action without spoiling any of it.

Buckaroo Banzai: Proving bowties are cool before Matt Smith outgrew his high chair.

(A bit of a O_o realization for me, right this moment: Mother was the age I am now when she and I saw this movie together, just the two of us. We went back twice more in the same week: once to watch it again with a family friend, and again to go back and watch it with my father. We bought the vhs when it came out /and/ the novelization from Pocket Books... oh, and we also 3/4 of a litter of kittens born a few weeks later after major characters).

(oops. I promised clips, plural. here's a favorite scene):

(unfortunately, I can't find the clip I want, where Buckaroo and his alien companion sneak into an enemy transport vehicle, and the alien says: "It's like one of our thermopods. But it's a very bad design." This is a line that pops into my head whenever I come up against Accessibility!Fail...)

Why TF is Robocop more famous than this?! (don't tell me -- I know: the hero is more complex than a gun-shooting robot, and it's a comedy / sci-fi flick, before geeks were recognized as a cash cow audience).

[ETA: a Buckaroo Banzai Q & A with Peter Weller and John Lithgow, from 2011: (43 minutes). Watching these two remember how much fun they had making the movie is almost as much fun as watching the movie itself.]
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(and for anyone else who needs it, too).

Warning: Contains: Doctor Who and earworms.

In 2008 (?), the Webcomic "xkcd" posted this: xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel. I didn't (and still don't) have cable television, so although I enjoyed the strip, I didn't understand the full reference. Didn't take me long to find the original ad on YouTube, though:

And then, someone made a Doctor Who fanvid of it:

Well, the other day, this fanvid showed up in my YouTube recommendations:

I couldn't make out, in vid, whether the lyrics were "I just won't know" or "I just won't go." so I checked out the original music video (I think it's "know" ??). But in any case, I liked that, too, for being pro-fun, and all:

('cause sometimes I need to remember there's more to dreaming than nightmares, and there's more to the "Real World" than news of crisis and catastrophe)


Jun. 16th, 2014 02:47 pm
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A hummingbird! I actually saw a hummingbird outside my office window, just now... less than a foot from the other side of the glass...

That's got to be a good omen, right?

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(I Think it may already be there, but I have to join in):

I won't tell you my favorite bits, 'cause they're apt to change.
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So many fanvids lately (seems to me) are full of angst and melancholy. But with this one, I can't stop grinning:

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I'll probably be writing something more substantial (or at least more specifically personal) later. But in the meantime, this just needs to be shared:

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This is a video I've hit replay on, several times. I still giggle each time I see it. I know several people in my circles could also use some giggles, And so I present "Adorable Baby is Adorable" (aka: "The Modern Lullaby for Nerds"):

[Edited to add: The Second Half! (accidentally hit the enter key while trying to preview)]

And then, there's this one (that you very well may have seen already). My favorite (I think) is joke #10:

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The other day, on an access-locked post, I wrote about things I was doing that made me feel better than I would if I hadn't done them. At the very end of that list, I wrote:

Laugh out Loud at YouTube videos of Physics Professors playing with magnets, and great big cats trying to squeeze into small boxes...

And I thought it would only be fair if I shared the pro-fundity of it all:

(He had me at "Whee!" -- and also: "I can do it again, if you like!")

The Great and glorious Maru:
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Here's what I put in the Information Section:

As we get older, our feelings toward each accumulated birthday get more complicated. And often, I'm more excited about celebrating friends' birthdays than my friends are... Thus, my inspiration for this song.

The lyrics are my own. The tune is "Vive la Compagnie" (or:"Vive l'Amour"). This song dates from at least the mid-nineteenth century, and has also become one of the more popular (in variant forms) Scouting songs.

A discussion thread on the song's history and roots can be found on the Mudcat forums, here:

lyrics )
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Yesterday, I got hit with a nostalgia-pang, and went web-surfing to see what D.C. (now Dana) Simpson was up to.

Found her blog: Ink and White Space -- and it turns out, she's got a paying contract (Since April 23, of this year) with Universal UClick comics (formerly United Press Syndicate) (, alongside Peanuts, Doonsbury, and Heathcliff.

Her new comic is Heavenly Nostrils, and it's about a nine-year old girl and her best friend unicorn.

The site is full of ads, and no doubt is data-mining my existence, but I registered to receive email updates, anyway, because if anyone deserves a paying gig, it's Ms. Simpson.

And today's strip ("This is it, Marigold. This'll be the summer I'm big enough and brave enough to jump from the HIGH rock.") is so pro-fun that Eloise woke up and did a happy dance...
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That I wanted to weep for joy...

Or, it could be just one of those days.

But anyway, good video (the guy who makes these patters away as though the scripts were written by W. S. Gilbert).

Link to the blog which has the video, a full text of the script, for those who can't watch video, and a bonus LOL .gif from NASA of Eris, wearing shades, and the caption: "Y Dwarf -- Chillin' in Space" (God, I love NASA -- such geeks!).
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More grandpa with a yellow ukulele (though in this specific instance he is a great-uncle)

Shared with the hope that it cheers people who need some cheering.

Info provided by said grandpa/great-uncle:

Remy started watching Lew Dite when he was a year and a half old. He is now four and a half and taking ukulele lessons. Remy lives on the west coast and I'm in Montreal, but through the magic of technology I get to play with him... Remy is an inspiration to me.

transcript )
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(This is unfiltered, because I can't remember if I have you all on the same one...)

Hey gang! I've actually started writing my Eloise* story -- as in actually putting it down as strings of words in a retrievable medium, and not just thinking the words to myself, over and over. I'd like to go back and reread what I (We) wrote about the time "Sweetheart" first materializes by Eloise's bridge -- I think it was just an alluded to memory, and I'll probably change it up a good bit. But I want to remind myself of the armature.

But I can't remember which story that appeared in -- was it at the start of the third Hoedown, or the end of the second?

*(Though she isn't named Eloise, yet, because she doesn't know her true identity, yet, and the tribe of Nasty trolls who fostered her through childhood would never deign to use human names)


Also -- am thinking of creating an Eloise filter -- would any of you like to be on it (Hoedown alums or otherwise)?


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