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I've decided on The Water of Life (the fourth option here), with a little plot tweaking to add tension and make the logic a little clearer.

I know it's not the most popular choice, among those who answered my poll, But that's not how I use polls anyway. Simply posing questions, if I pose them in the right way, can help my mind focus, especially if I get feedback -- any sort of feedback.

I, too, really want to know what the Prince did to deserve getting turned into a frog (the most popular answer). The problem is, I don't know, either... And I'd kind of have to figure that out first, before I started writing, and I'm already short on time, since I didn't even decide to start until far too late.

The same is true for the story of the dryad (second choice), which is an original story idea I got years and years and decades ago from a single dream image (A man is chopping vegetables, and he cuts his finger, only instead of blood, resin flows out. And instead of being afraid, he's relieved. Then, I woke up).

And when I reread The Water of Life, I was struck by the character of the old man (who just sort of wanders through the royal garden) and the dwarf at the crossroads. Both characters "just happen" to have the knowledge and equipment that the hero needs to succeed.

And the idea popped into my head that these two characters could both be played by The Storyteller, who picks up different masks and props at different times, leaves the storytelling chair, enters the story to talk to the characters, then goes back to the storytelling chair to continue the narration. Once this device popped into my head, I could just see how it might unfold onstage. So that's the story I went with.

(There's also the story of the enchanted "princess" [ahem, Queen, ahem], that's not told in the original, that could give me enough elbow room to expand and explore, via a plot B).

Of course, now that I've begun so late, I'll have to write between 5 and 6 pages a day, instead of between 3 and 4. But it may still be doable, once I get my momentum up, and figure out the format and this writing program...

So what the hell am I doing here, huh?


LJ is life.

But you knew that.
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