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As I wrote in a reply to [personal profile] megaptera, just now:

"The problem with plotting ahead, and deliberately trying to avoid cliches, is that it's got me thinking about consequences, and the consequences of those consequences . . . . It's [as if] an entire "Choose Your Own Adventure" novel is [exploding] simultaneously, in my head."

I don't really want to post a poll, and put this up for a vote, because this is my story, based (more than any other story I can remember writing, to date) on my personal memories and philosophy. And in my own life, I am a dictatorship in a in a nation of One Citizen... if that makes any sense. So I'm not putting my story up for a vote ... even though I'd welcome discussion of consequences and impressions, to help me sort out my own conflicting thoughts.


It often helps me make decisions if I write my options out in a question-and-possible-answers format. And it might quiet my Inner Editor down a bit, if I give it something that looks like "Putting Important Things in Proper Order" -- like giving a fussy baby a teething ring. So I am going to play with HTML coding, and try to make a really fancy list.

  1. Why would a government decide to establish a policy officially denying the existance of the Disabled?

    1. It came into power at a time of an epidemic (or some other catastrophe), and citizens were swayed by health scares -- allowed the XXX Party into power for health security reasons (as the people of Afghanistan allowed the Taliban into power, in preference to the chaos of fighting war lords)

    2. For propaganda: maintaining the facade of a society whose citizens enjoy perfect health allows an authoritarian-leaning government to project an aura of benevalence and reason, and thus deflect criticism from outside governments and dissidents within its own borders

  2. Why would a government decide to change this policy, in practice, if not in rhetoric?

    1. There is a coup, or simply a radical shift in government parties after an election, and the policy was such a well-kept secret that the incoming party members didn't realise how much resources it took to maintain it.

    2. Citizens outside the Asylum system took the erasure of disability for granted, so when there was a new large-scale crisis, there was demand for resources to be put in that direction, and as the asylums no longer had the resources to function, it became more practical simply to close them down

      1. Economic Downturn: depression. The government simply has no more money to pay staff, and utilities, or for the high tech medical treatments that are carried on inside the asylums (which are placed in remote areas, well-hidden from main population centers).

      2. OMG!WAR!!

        1. What happens if Home Nation become an occupying force in a foreign land?
          1. Massive draft, including the able-bodied staff of the Asylums; without staff, they cannot function, and so are closed down

          2. draining of capital and manpower from the homefront leads to popular uprising, which leads to a coup, and/or radical shift in Govt. (See II. A).

        2. What happens if Home nation is Invaded by foreign country?
          1. Home Nation fears that invading soldiers will take over asylums, and use the inmates as human shields; since the families of the inmates are continually promised that the children will one day be returned to them, allowing this to happen might cause popular uprising, so the asylums are shut down and evacuated (see II. A).

          2. Home Nation loses war, and becomes a colony of foreign country (See II. A)

[ETA: And Now, comes the Hard Part!]

It ain't the work that's hard, Ma'am -- it's the decisions!

  • What are the advantages of the "Depression" plotline?

    • Less chance of OMG!Trauma! and emopr0n for Gabriel

    • Fewer moving parts for me

    • What are the advantages of the "War" plotline?

      • If the war is off the homefront, could be a reason for the "Depression" plotline.

      • If the Home Nation is invaded, it would bring the world to Gabriel, albeit in a violent way, and thus show a contrasting cultural view toward Disability.
        • Because Gabriel is disabled and a child (double-whammy, as an underclass citizen), he can't travel the world by his own inititiave, and thus encounter "The Other."

        • And I want to show "the Other," that contrasting, contemporaneous, views of Disability are possible. If there were a massive health catastrophe, it could very well have been global, but only Home Nation invested such a massive amount of resources to its Asylum System.

    • On the Other Hand, War = A bazillion moving parts.

Date: 2010-03-15 02:15 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] megaptera
01. I think the first option is more realistic, health scares. A benign vague idea of wanting the nation to look healthier might not be enough to make everyone deny the existence of people with disabilities.

02. I love the idea of the Asylums closing down simply because of lack of money. It happens in real life and you get these waves of homeless crazy people begging on the street.


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