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*Clings to her Internet like a squid with velcro mittens*

Okay, so last Monday, there was a massive storm with thunder and lightning and flooding.

Or, there was all of that in neighboring places. Here, it was just a rainy, rainy day. I couldn't even hear thunder in the distance. But when I tried to log onto the Internet, discovered that I had no connection. Spent several hours trying to follow the Verizon "Reset your router trouble-shooting" directions to no avail.

Decided to take a break with a hot shower, to wash away my "Argh!" frustrations,* and when I got out of the shower, and went to call Verizon Tech support, I realized I had no dial-tone on my phone, either.

Cue a montage of phone tag, between verizon, an electrician, and verizon again, when I'm doing it by borrowing Audrey's cell, and therefore, having to wait 48 hours between each phone tag "turn."

So yeah, nothing bad happened to me, except for "connectivity withdrawal syndrome."

Oh, and the battery in my van died, because a dome light was left on, and we didn't know it.

...Won't be able to get that jumpstarted until Wednesday...

And I'm about 5 days behind on my Screnzy script... Hope that I can get over that, now that Mr. Google is back to answer the questions that come up.

*(and I also cut my own hair again -- it's jagged and uneven all over, but at least, I'm no longer inhaling hair down my windpipe every time I inhale to sneeze. So it's got to look better than it did, right?)
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