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(Preamble: though I'd probably have a clearer head about it if I got some good protein in my system). But I don't really have the spoons to cook, right now.)

In my story (Graphic novel -- first attempt), my male protagonist is growing up as a physically disabled kid in a hospital-orphanage in a future world (my story starts in 2163 AD), where the physically disabled are sequestered away from society by law. He and the other kids in this orphanage are treated kindly (superficially) by the adults around them, but their value as human beings is based solely on what doctors can learn about curing them.

Meanwhile, the government that set up the sequestering laws is starting to crumble, and is hubristically throwing its weight around internationally, and a war starts just about the time he reaches adolescence.

The buildup to the war takes years, and I had been thinking that the first part of the story should take place entirely inside the asylum, and that I could foreshadow that by having the children overhear snippets of news broadcasts, and the grown-ups' worried conversations about the news broadcasts. But...

That's not working.

I'm thinking I could either:

Split the Storytelling into two parallel settings:

  1. Life inside the asylum, alternated with
  2. Life in the City, outside the asylum, showing what's happening in the Halls of Government.

Or, I could do something like they did in movies of old, and give necessary information by showing a newspaper headline.

And I can't decide which direction to go in.


The reason I went for the "War" plot is that, in order for my protagonist to function as a hero, he has to be open about having a disability (which is something that is impossible for him to hide, even while he hides his biological-chimera nature). And simply having the asylums close down due to economic pressures would not be enough stimulus for a society-wide rethink of the legal sequestration of the Disabled.

But a war that provokes a citizen-led coup against the government that invented the sequestration laws would (more likely) be enough. Being physically disabled would still carry a stigma and be the focus of bigotry, but would not be cause for the cops to throw you into jail for daring to walk the streets unchaperoned, or owning property...


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