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March 1 is the International Disability Day of Mourning -- a day set aside to remember those disabled people who are murdered by their caregivers.

It's a relatively new "holiday" -- and nowhere near as widely known as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day -- but you have to start somewhere.

We have to push back against the Pity Narrative -- the one that insists that "the poor dears are in a better place, now." -- the narrative that has more sympathy for the caregivers, "who cracked under the burden," than the for they human beings they killed.

We have to make it known that, yes, Ableism really is that bad. And there's more to it than just using the wrong words.

This site started in 2014, and is dedicated to recording the names of people around the world who have been victims of filicide because of their disability, and includes mental and cognitive disabilities as well as physical ones.

The records go back to 1988 [Correction: 1980], and new listings are added every few days.

And that's only those people who make it into the news.

In America, too, March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month ("Awareness" Months/Weeks/Days, as a rule, generally frame whatever they focus on as a bad and scary threat: "Psst! Were you aware of the monster under your bed?").
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