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[personal profile] capriuni pour over every detail of this with stereotypical geeky delight.

You have been warned.

[Image description: Thumbnail image for the YouTube video: “Meet the Thirteenth Doctor” posted by the Doctor Who YouTube channel, showing a close-up of a white woman’s open hand, with the cuff of a dark coat’s sleeve, holding a brass colored key in her open palm. Description Ends]

Begin (No voices, throughout):

Video opening: A forest in summer; it is sunny, and there is the sound of various birds calling. A tall-stemmed yellow flower is at the center of the shot.

Footsteps are heard, and a figure in a long, dark, coat strides into the frame (the camera is at the level of the coat’s hem). As the figure passes, the camera pans upward, and we see that the coat has a hood, which is shrouding the figure’s head. The figure continues on with a purpose, and the camera follows.

Cut to a close-up of the figure’s head, as the camera pulls alongside. An ominous chord begins to play, and continues.

Cut to an establishing shot, from a different place in the forest; a rusted wagon wheel, lying at an angle, with pieces of the rotting wood wagon beside it, dominates the frame. Now, we see the figure from a distance, walking from screen left to screen right, dwarfed by the trees around them.

Cut to a close-up of the figure’s boots, now walking toward the camera. The figure steps on a dry branch in the path, which cracks.

Cut to a medium shot, again, viewing the figure, all in black, from behind. The figure stops before a nearly completely collapsed stone wall. There is a gap in the wall, as if there were once a door and entry steps there.

Cut to a close up of the figure’s hand – it is a white woman’s hand. There is a faint sound of the Doctor’s TARDIS materializing, which intensifies as the woman opens her palm and a brass door key gradually appears there, with a flicker and crackle of electricity.

Cut to a close-up of the woman’s (brown) eye and cheek, seen in ¾ view.

Cut to a head-and-shoulders shot from behind, as the woman raises her hands and pulls back her hood for the first time.

Cut to a view from the front, as she lowers her hood and we see her face for the first time. She has shoulder-length blonde hair that curls slightly inward at the ends. There is a final “clank,” as the TARDIS finishes materializing. The Doctor smiles.

Cut to a similar shot from behind, when the woman first stopped before the stone wall. Only now, the bright blue TARDIS dominates the space before her. The Doctor strides forward.

Fade to Black.

Title card that fades into view, on line at a time: “Introducing / Jodie Whittaker / The 13th Doctor / BBC”

End. Total Runtime: One minute.

Okay, so this is what I am wondering: Can we garner any further clues from this (beyond what’s already been leaked/officially released) about what happens in the Christmas Special?

I mean, that hooded coat is very like the one Twelve has been wearing, the last two series. But Jodie Whittaker is a lot smaller than Peter Capaldi, and she is not lost in there – it’s clearly tailored to her.

So is this her fresh after regeneration and the outfit 12 had been wearing changed with her, to accommodate (via TARDIS magic), or is this outfit this incarnation’s Chosen Look? And if so, what does that say about her character, if she’s chosen something so similar?

Also – presumably, the Christmas Special will at least start out wintry, but this scene is in the height of summer. So what happens in the intervening seasons/years? Also also – the bit where first, a fresh key, and then the TARDIS, appears is reminiscent of the end of Eleventh Hour… Apparently, they’ve been separated from each other for a while. Does that mean that Twelve’s regeneration will be as destructive as Ten’s was?

(I did warn you…)

Or, alternatively, do you think this scene’s only purpose is to introduce 13? And the mysterious walk through the woods just looks cool? And if that’s the case, what do you think it says about the tone and/or themes for the show that Chibnall wants to set?


^Everything above this line started as a Tumblr post.^

Everything from here is fresh for Dreamwidth:

  • I'm glad they decided to go with a woman.

  • I'm disappointed she's so white (and still not ginger!).

  • But I'm even more disappointed than I expected to be that they went back to the conventional "pretty youth" mold; for those viewers who just started watching with Doctor 10,* it must seem that Clara's concern in "Deep Breath" was valid: 12's regeneration as an 'old' person must seem like something was broken, that time. I don't need a full head of grey hair. But would a wrinkle or two really be so bad?
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