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I made a new default icon, as you can see.

It matches the icon I use on my Tumblr, now.

I wanted to see if the design parameters for my Disability Pride Flag worked in different proportions than the ones I used originally, because I want this to be a design that's relatively fast & easy to produce, say, a protest picket sign, that can be drawn out on whatever size cardboard (or tee-shirt front) you happen to have, without too many mathematical calculations.

Also, I've been alternating between feeling glum and Grawrl!, and frankly, the pale grey and pastel rainbow colors just weren't cutting it, any more.... You know?

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So I am signal boosting.

Here’s the homepage where B.A.D.D. is explained, and links the the eleven previous blog festivals are are archived: Diary of a Goldfish -- BADD 2017

I’ll be posting my entry on my Tumblr blog, and also here, on Dreamwidth (for those who find Tumblr inaccessible). And in the meantime, I’m signal boosting.

Have a gander at what I wrote last year, just for a taste (on Tumblr): What the “Social Model of Disability” Actually Means.
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Thanks to the last of LiveJournal's servers being moved to Moscow, Russia, and to LiveJournal disabling its secure encryption (allowing Web Crawling bots to read all your private information), I am no longer cross-posting my entries from Dreamwidth. And, this blog as a whole will be deleted on Friday, January 6, 2017-- no later than 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time (2:00 PM, Greenwich Mean Time).

This blog is archived in its entirety at Dreamwidth, and you can still reach me there (And if you want a hand in setting up your own journal on that site, I can give some pointers). The link is here:

And I also have a Tumblr, here:

I'll see you on the other side.

This is not goodbye.
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1) My latest Tumblr entry:

I'll probably be doing a lot of reblogging-with-commentary here, rather than weighting it more toward original content,* because my ulterior motive is to connect with the existing Networked Disability Community, so when my book is finally finished, I'll have a wider audience (I hope) to announce it to.

2) Speaking of which --

a) It's more done than not done, but the time spent on each facet seems to work on a reversed logarithmic scale: the later, smaller steps take increasingly more time than the earlier big steps.

b) I made the decision (not yet firm) to get rid of my first chapter -- the vaguely chronological autobiographical one -- and reshuffle its poems into other chapters; I'm moving Ghost story: 1966, for example, to the chapter "Expert Opinions."

c) Meanwhile, I keep getting hit with more unfortunate inspiration. The February 24 episode of NOVA ("Rise of the Robots") was all about the latest DARPA challenge to invent a robot that could be used in search and rescue. And, regarding the question: "If walking on two legs and opening doors ends up being what causes all these robots' downfalls, why keep trying to make them look like humans?" a DARPA official answered (something to the effect of): "Well, these robots will being going into buildings built by and for humans, so the robot will have to do human things like climb stairs and turn doorknobs." ... No mention (or thought) of humans who can't climb stairs or turn doorknobs, and so get left behind to die in the stairwells, waiting for rescuers to come get them.

That will be another poem in the "Expert Opinion" chapter.

The printed transcript won't be online for another two weeks or so (probably -- info on the official Nova says the transcript is "typically" available online three weeks after an episode airs). When it is available, I'll make another, more detailed post about it, with a link that folks who can't watch the PBS episode can go to instead.

3) I think my next YouTube video (that I upload) will be of this poem, however.

4) 5 Brilliant Scientific Accidents -- A YouTube video from NPR

5) I may be slow in noticing important details, but I saw "my" first robin of the season, today, while eating lunch.

{ETA -- lost footnote: *That's what this place is for.}
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Because the number of individual friends whose individual Tumblrs I had bookmarked had finally reached a quorum.

And also, if I'm going to be serious about self publishing my book/Zazzle designs, it would behoove me to poke my head out beyond the "Social Networking" boondocks.

Anyway, it's here:

(So if you're reading this on LJ or DW, and you happen to have a tumblr, let me know, so I can follow you [like an overeager puppy!])
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This one was inspired by a comment from [personal profile] jesse_the_k, yesterday:

Sometimes concrete progress happens.

Actually, to be honest, the very first thing I thought of, reading that, was the quote from the Fourth Doctor, explaining how he defeated the story's Villain: "Well, to be fair, I did have a couple of gadgets he didn't -- like a teaspoon and an open mind." (<-- paraphrased, maybe?)

But that's more evocative of a singular victory over a single foe, and not as fitting for something like dismantling the hegemony of bigotry (pick your ism, or pick all of them) in our culture. Besides, it's copyrighted by the Beeb. And I wanted something copyrighted by me (I'm contemplating making this a shirt and/or button (Badge) design for my Zazzle shop).

Snaggable with credit to CapriUni.
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I think this turned out rather well... to add to my ever-increasing hoard of writing-themed icons. May come in handy during NaNoWriMo, no?

(Text: A dwarm of typo gremlins, jovering in the air...)
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So she's looking to collect as many shiny prompts as she can. Go -- give her things to build stories around!

She lays out the mechanics Here; this month, the theme is "Dilemmas"
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For those on the LJ side:

(Photo of Pluto, released 7-7-2015, showing the planet's distinctive "Heart" formation, completing the phrase "I [heart] Science!"
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These icons were made because I needed a couple short breaks from wrestling with words. These icons are posted because you might need a break from my wrestling with words...

[ profile] ghost_light found the goat picture, and had the idea for the caption, and she put out a request for someone to icon it. I put my hand up, because I love goats, and this fellow is almost a spitting image of a goat I grew up with (my "kid" sister).

I try to make all my icons unique to me -- but I was giggling so hard at [ profile] ghost_light's joke that I had to keep this one (Besides, my user name is a contraction of "Capricorn-Unicorn", so... yeah).

Thalia, the muse of comedy and idyllic poetry -- in other words: stories with happy endings, and poems about the small details of everyday life (in contrast poems about war, or poems praising the gods, or mourning the fall of the powerful). So if the muses really have become specialists in particular fields -- like university professors -- Thalia, here, is clearly the dean of my department. I'll be using invoking Thalia as an illustration for my arty posts and comments.
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I've spelled out my "Pro-Fun" philosophy, and integrated into the image.

I'm trying to answer the question: "Why identify as a 'troll' at all -- why not just come up with a new term?" The word has such a negative connotation, it seems irredeemable.

But, for some reason, this is important to me. Maybe because, in spite of its current negativity, the word "troll" also has undeniable power. Or maybe it's because I'm a fan of obscure folk tales, and there's more to trolls than "Billy Goats Gruff."

Here's the text (For those who can't see graphics) )
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I finally managed to draw something: A thought on trolling

ETA: experimenting with embedding the picture here:

Description: a squat, shaggy purple troll, in a small boat trailing a fishing line. The hook is a question mark, the fish are exclamation marks, and the bait is a valentine heart.

I'm experimenting with expressing the idea of "pro-fun trolling" outside the old context of rec.arts.drwho. How's this for a start?

"Troll (verb): to fish by trailing bait slowly through the water, to attract bites.

The thing is: when trolling is done on the Internet, so many people have gone for the cheap and easy bait, that most of us don't even believe that hiqh quality, good spirited trolling is even possible. So we give up, and cede our space to the nasties. And it becomes a self-creating proposition."
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At least I've got the alliteration thing down, right?

Anyway, the 23rd is the day for this month's Disability Blog carnival; the submission deadline is the 20th. The theme is "Birthdays, anniversaries, and other days of commemoration."

The announcement of that theme is what inspired me to write If my grief over Mother's Death were a person.

And then, yesterday, the post where the blog entries to the carnival will be posted goes up, with this bit of writers' guidelines from the curator:

"...let's give the lie to the fact that we in the disability community live lives of quiet sorrow and tragedy. Let's make it clear that we are a raucous group of people who can party with the best of them."

And suddenly, my memorial poem of grief seems a lot less appropriate (understatement of 2012? quite possibly).

The thing is, I still really want to contribute something. But the truth is, although I celebrate many things, inside my own head... I really have become socially isolated over recent years -- at least in "meat-space," as some people call it. Looking in from the outside, it really does look like my life is lonely and sad -- except for the Art Garden, I haven't actually been to a party with a group of people in almost ten years.

(And after this year, there will be no more Art Gardens). *cries*

But I still do "celebrate" -- just not in a way that you'll see defined in the dictionary. I mean, could [ profile] naarmamo be considered a "celebration?" How about NaNoWriMo? [see footnote #1]

How about the pro-fun hoedowns? Those were pretty raucous parties, even if they only existed in our collective imaginations [See footnote #2]... And the muses know (even/especially the muses we "invented" for our stories) I've laughed out loud so much during the span of those dance parties, my stomach hurt and I felt dizzy at times -- I don't drink alcohol, but I sometimes wonder if I get just as drunk on laughter itself, as other folk get on booze.

Maybe it would be good for me to write to my strengths, and wax philosophical, like I did in this post from almost nine years ago (?): The True Meaning of the Season (for this wacky Pagan, anyway)

Anyway, I can't make up my mind about this, and I have less then ten days to decide (five would be better, so I could have five for the actual writing / making (if I decide to do art and/or a video along with a written piece)

So... Halp?

Footnote #1: Speaking of, when I went to the site to grab the url, it reminded me that I haven't come up with a novel idea, yet... I'm actually thinking of recycling a couple of old Script Frenzy! ideas, but I can't decide between them... or if I want to do either or come up with something new... And actually, this is getting too long for a footnote, and should be its own post.

Footnote #2: Hey, fellow past Hoedowners! I'm thinking maybe of trying to gear up for at least one more pro-fun troll gathering for the 2013 Doctor Who Fiftieth... does that appeal to anyone else? (kind of hard to do a hoedown alone)...
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So -- The Submissions Call for the Disability Blog Carnival went up today at Rolling Around in my Head. It reads, in part:


Just write about the things you commemorate. I'd like this to be a joyous carnival - let's give the lie to the fact that we in the disability community live lives of quiet sorrow and tragedy. Let's make it clear that we are a raucous group of people who can party with the best of them.


Oof. I guess that means If my grief over Mother's Death would not be a good match, then.

... Meanwhile, while my overall life is far from tragic, I have always really hated being in the middle of loud, raucous parties. I know he was going for the opposite of "quiet sorrow," for rhetorical effect... but still.

But I still want to contribute to this. So I have ten days or so to come up with something completely new.

So I guess this is my "Turn Signal."
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I have a growing category of posts: ones I get three-fourths or four-fifths of the way through when I just run out of steam, energy, focus, or whatever-it-is that propels the words through my fingers into the cyber-space.


So I've been posting them as is under the "private (just me)" filter, so I see them on my journal, and hopefully remember they're there until I get the energy to finish them... At which point, I do, update the date, and post with whatever filter I'd originally intended to use.

So far, there are two posts in such limbo. I hope I can finish them before the list gets any longer.

Meanwhile, I seem to have fallen overly-in-love with the hyphen...

(I've always been overly-in-love with the ironic ellipses... and parentheses).
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[Cross-posted from [ profile] naarmamo]:

Today, I took a picture of a monster that I drew last month:

long bird monster

And used it to make a new, over-the-top, cheerful, desktop theme for myself:


[End of Cross-post]

I'm really pleased at how the program icons fit between ze's hands. Though I wonder how long it will be before it becomes too cheerful.

And now, you know what programs I keep most easily to hand -- the clearest picture of my life's priorities!
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This is brand new, created during the latest code push. Eventually (they
say), they hope to have their own "Scrapbook feature"

Let's see if this works, shall we?

ETA: \o/ it works! )

How this works: set up email posting in your DreamWidth settings (hey, I could follow the instructions just now, after one read-through -- tech stuff usually takes me three readings, so...). Then, when you send an email post to your journal, add the picture you want to post as an email attachment. Also, this is a free feature. You don't need a paid account to use it.

This is a pro-tip for all DreamWidthers who're taking part in [ profile] naarmamo, and are Sad because LJ changed their own scrapbook feature to Terrible.
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[ profile] naarmamo is a comm started by [personal profile] jekesta ... six years ago, now ??

Anyway, it's loosely modeled after National Novel-Writing Month. Only instead of creating one long piece of writing, the goal is to create one small piece of art each day... so at the end of the month, you will have 31 new pieces of art to your name that didn't exist before.

And "Art" here is defined as loosely as possible -- seriously.

In the past, we've had:

People doodling designs in the soap suds while they took a bath, or
Artfully arranging the jars of jelly they just made,
Full-blown, carefully painted landscapes,
Journal (100 pixel square) Icons
Brief pieces of composed ditties...

And everything in between.

Anyway, participating in this, for me, has been a way to lift my spirits through the hump that is the summer doldrums. So you can be damned sure I'll be doing this again. I thought, here, that I'd like to make a list of things I'd like to try, this year. So if I get stumped, mid-month, I can come back and remind myself of ideas I've had (not necessarily in this order):

A hand-drawn sketch of my own, bare, feet (they are the part of my body I am least comfortable with, and I want to get more comfortable with them) Problem: Getting a way so I can actually see them while in a position to draw them...

Another facial portrait (I've done one every year, it's a thing)

Make a video response to Vi Hart's Squiggle Inception (specifically ~ 3 1/2 minute mark)

More monsters -- this time, ones that are explicitly disabled -- perhaps after a run-in with a knight. Although... my "monster on wheels" is disabled... I drew another adult version who was able-bodied -- with eight tentacle legs, instead of four...

Some three-dimensional art... tactile.

Write a song -- maybe my own version of a Geek pride song.

And ...other stuff...
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"They hate me for it ... I am resigned" The Trope of the "Bitter Cripple"

Well! Finally got around to writing a post I've been thinking about since ... Whenever I saw that H.M.S Pinafore production on Great Performances.

...That took about three hours longer than I expected. :-/


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